Melbourne night and lights

Since Melbourne is one of the rapidly developing urban centres in Australia, naturally there is a huge demand of commercial electrician here. Not surprisingly, you will find some commercial electrical offices located here.

Who are commercial electricians?

Commercial electricians are those people who are responsible for installing electrical appliances and gadgets in buildings like offices, shopping malls and also work for their maintenance. The work of this type of electrician is an elaborate one as it requires extensive and full proof planning, designing and execution. The jobs require highly skilled, talented and expert people who are certified to handle the electrical appliances.

Commercial electrician contractors in Melbourne such as this service provider must possess the following qualification to become a certified professional in Melbourne.

  1. They should know how to read and understand commercial buildings blueprints.
  2. Can communicate and work smoothly with general contractors and other personnel associated with the job.
  3. They must know how to write and draw according to the commercial writing style.
  4. They must possess higher knowledge of installing EMT channel and MC style wiring.
  5. Know how to install electrical wirings in large commercial complexes, transformers, and other similar appliances.
  6. Can handle aerial lift, ladder, and scissor lift.

Job Description

Commercial electricians need to prepare and illustrate electrical systems which include the conduits of pipes and tubes which are essential for the local electrical codes. Often the general contractor provides the blueprint, and the commercial electrician needs to work on that. From working on the blueprints to system designing, the electrician does everything, from installing the conduits and channels to running an electrical wiring with the help of switches, relays and circuit breaker panels. They are in charge of maintaining the instruments which control the heating, power and lighting components of a building. Commercial freezers and air conditioning system are also maintained by them.

There are some standardized tools which the commercial electricians work with. These include screwdrivers, sawzalls, knives and other tools. Additionally, they use ladders, aerial and scissor lifts, test meters and power tools.


There are some areas where the commercial electricians offer their services. This includes:

  • Emergency services, finding flaws and fixing them.
  • Managing and installing projects
  • Scanning and decoding Thermal Graphics
  • Designing lighting, and also exit and emergency lighting.
  • Labelling switchboards, tracing and identifying circuits.
  • Installing safety switches and testing them.
  • Audio & Visual testing
  • Residential ventilation


In Melbourne, you need to possess a license to become a commercial electrician. To possess this degree, one should have an associate degree program or an apprenticeship program. If you are interested in becoming a commercial electrician in Melbourne, you should possess a high school degree or diploma with a preferable science background. Profound knowledge of algebra is required since it will later help them making weight calculations for the circuits. After the completion of the course, students are placed under internship program. A student will acquire license only after the successful completion of the internship program.