What are the benefits of compression tights?

When you go to a sports shop the first thing you will notice is racks of brightly colored compression clothing in a range of sizes and designs.

Many people at the gym sport a pair as well. What actually is the hype regarding compression gear. It seems to have burst onto the scene all of a sudden. However compression gear is almost a few decades old. Let’s take a look at the history of compression shorts.

A Brief history of Compression Clothing

  • Compression clothing was first garnered towards patients suffering from venous disorders.
  • The basic aim of this kind of apparel was to provide relief from problems like deep vein thrombosis.
  • This gear was actually meant to improve circulation and allow more oxygen to reach at deep tissue level.
  • In turn people suffering from blood clotting or swelling benefitted a great deal when they wore these garments.

Fast forward a few decades and the fitness experts realized the importance of compression gear for athletes and runners.

In a study conducted in the year 1987 it was observed that athletes who sported compression socks during workouts had lesser levels of lactic acid in their muscles. This prevented them from having any pain or swelling post workout.

Over a period of years a great many studies have been conducted on the benefits of compression clothing.

The following are a few benefits which can be obtained by wearing compression garments

Better Circulation

  • The compression garments allow blood to flow freely towards the deep veins and improve circulation.
  • The improved circulation resulted in less stress on the muscles.

Men in Compression Pants Experience Improved Athletic Performance

Compression tights come in all shapes and sizes, for men there are options available that fit correctly to ensure optimal performance. These mens compression tights are one of the comfiest available in Australia.

  • In a study conducted on the benefits of compression shorts for runners and sprinters it was observed that wearing compression shorts could help athletes sprint higher
  • Thus it was assumed that compression clothing had advantage over regular fitness gear because it helped improve athletic performance.
  • These days a great many athletes endorse brands like Nike and Adidas, claiming that these compression gears help them with their athletic performance.

Improves Muscle Coordination

  • Since compression shorts are quite snug and comfortable as well, these provide much needed support to the legs and the calves.
  • Similarly compression vests too can provide the back with good support.
  • Wearing compression shorts allows less oxygen to be pumped into the veins thus ensuring that athletes perform at their best at all times.

Reduces Lactic Acid Build up in the Muscles

  • When athletes wear compression tights it reduces the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.
  • The scientific reason behind is that since lactic acid is kept compressed in the muscles due to wearing compression gear it did not enter into the blood stream and cause any stress or achy muscles.

Increases Recovery rate with compression tights

Training in compression tights leads to increased performance. Buy these compression tights from the compression wear company Cheeta Recovery.

  • Compression gear allows athletes to recover faster by reducing any chances of trauma or muscle fatigue
  • Recovery is quite important in sports which require extreme fitness.
  • Wearing compression gear allows the muscles and joint to move freely while being offered maximum support.

Compression gear allows athletes to perform better and also reduce any trauma post exercise. This is exactly what makes it such a great option for anyone who loves to exercise!